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Mental Battles of Hunting the Backcountry

The mental game of backcountry hunting, and just hunting in general, can really be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The ability to grind through tough situations is going to be what either sends you back up the mountain after that elk, or sends you back to the truck to head home. Let’s take a look at a few bumps in the road that we all might encounter from time to time.

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Why You Should Consider Backpack Hunting

The thought of hiking into a wilderness area with nothing but a backpack, bow, and a whole lot of hope truly did consume my thoughts for some time.  No vehicles, no people, and a rugged but simple way of hunting was something that I knew I had to experience in the future.  Finally, after much day dreaming and probably annoying my wife with way too many adventure/bowhunting stories, I decided that I NEEDED to try this backpack hunting thing out.  I am so glad that I did and I would like to share with you why I think YOU should...

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