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8 Elk Hunting Lessons Learned the Hard Way

I have spent six years hunting elk on public land. I have learned new lessons on every trip, brought home new experiences each time, and thankfully, I also tagged-out 4 of those years. I am far from an expert, but as a regular do-it-yourself guy, I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned that could benefit other folks, like you, that are learning to hunt elk on public land.

How To Start Backpack Hunting

Gaining the knowledge of just backpacking, not to mention the gear side of things, took quite a while to acquire in its own right.  What I want to do here, is lay down a platform that can help you get started in backpack hunting if that is something you have been considering.

Food Is Fuel — Sustained Energy for the Backcountry Hunter

You’ve trained all year, did all your research, drew your tag, and have the latest gear — it’s finally time to leave civilization behind for that backcountry hunt.  As you strap your pack on at the trail head you’ve got just enough food provisions to last for the duration of your hunt.  How much thought did you put into what you packed to fuel your body during this rigorous and non-stop adventure?  Did you just order the run of mill freeze dried backpacking meal and call it good, or did you actually consider what your body needs for a week of hardcore ground pounding?

Become More Fit In Less Time — Interval Training for Hunters

In this article my goal is to share some of the interval training that I employ on my athletes and give you some options to choose from when preparing your body for demands of your upcoming hunting season.

The basic logic behind interval training is that it offers big dividends in a short amount of time. You’re giving up volume for intensity, or simply put — you’re exerting more effort in less time. Since all of us have to make sacrifices to train, this interval option bodes well, because you can literally suffer for a few minutes and make significant strides toward physical preparedness.