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Developing Killer Confidence — A Key to Hunting Success

Confidence is something that is developed over time, by experience. Attempting new things often feels difficult and awkward. But with some experience, these new pursuits become comfortable, and we become confident. You don’t have to think about walking any more, you just do it. Having a conversation with someone is commonplace, and you rarely need to think about finding the right word to convey your thoughts and then strategically try to pronounce that word correctly. Talking just happens. It wasn’t always that way though.

It takes time to develop competence and confidence in all skills, including hunting.

Hunt Your Own Hunt

Spend any amount of time around a long-distance hiker and you’ll likely hear the phrase, “hike your own hike.”  For these extreme individuals who rack up twenty to thirty miles per day for months on end, the idea of “hiking your own hike” serves as a reminder to focus on making their hike uniquely their own, and to not compare themselves to others on the trail.  I can’t help but think how the same mantra can apply to how we approach our hunts.