Hunt Backcountry Podcast 291 | Shelter Design & Selection for Backpack Hunting

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As a backcountry hunter, it is critical to select a shelter that meets your needs, accommodates your preferences, and is built to withstand what nature may throw at you.

In this episode, we are joined by Henry Shires of TarpTent to discuss shelter design and selection for backpack hunting. We not only cover some of the unique design elements of TarpTent shelters, but we also speak about shelter design and selection in general.

The questions we answer on this episode include...
- What are the differences between a general backpacking tent, and a tent that is suited specifically for backcountry hunting?
- What are the differences between shelter materials, such as the pros and cons of choosing between Sil-Nylon and Dyneema shelters?
- Why does condensation happen? How can you prevent it? And how should you deal with condensation when it does occur?
- How should hunters choose between freestanding and non-freestanding shelters?
- How can you find a shelter that maximizes usable space while also keeping the overall footprint and profile of the shelter to a minimum?

Resources mention in this episode...
-[Video] How to Minimize Condensation in Your Tent:

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