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  • Dry Bags for K3-generation packs are available here.
  • All  K² Dry Bags are shipping in a tan color, not black as shown in the photos.
  • The K² 2000 Dry Bag is on sale while supplies last. This dry bag will fit inside any of our larger K2 or K3 packs, but will not fully "integrate" with a connection system; they will be free-floating inside of the larger packs.

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Email support@exomtngear.com or call us at 208-995-4688.

The K² Roll Top Dry bag was designed to give the hunter 100% waterproof protection (unlike rain covers), allowing you to forget the elements and just go hunt. You can fill the entire interior volume of the pack or contain just a portion of the pack's contents that you want to protect while still having access to the rest of the bag through the side zippers and external pockets.

The three different sizes are designed to fit inside 2017 and 2018 model year K² 2000, 3500 or 5500 bags. Dry Bags are now shipping in a tan color, which makes seeing items inside the bag even easier.

Dry Bag Weights by Size:

  • 2000: 9.0 oz
  • 3500: 7.3 oz
  • 5500: 9.6 oz

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