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K3 Crib Load Panel

K3 Crib Load Panel

K3 Crib Load Panel


The K3 Crib Load Panel is a versatile accessory that enhances the frame's ability to secure heavy, large, and/or awkward loads.

  • Secure extra gear, meat, horns, or other loads to the frame
  • Ideal for hauling awkward loads like boned out meat
  • Can be used between the frame and bag, or on the frame only when a bag is not used
  • Prevents heavy loads from sagging, ensuring optimal weight distribution and comfort
  • Can be ran as a "beavertail" around the outside of the bag
  • Can be used with the K3 Slurpy Stalker 
  • Connects to the frame with included low-profile g-hooks
  • Weight: 5oz
  • Dimensions: 8" x 26"
  • Compatibility: K3 and K2 frames

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