Exo Mtn Gear Pack in Alaska

"Do you offer sales, coupon codes, or other discounts?"

We get questions like that pretty often. The short answer is that, no, we do not offer general sales or discount codes. We have very intently decided to keep all of our margins as low as possible (which includes operations, marketing, etc), allowing us to build the best product possible at the best price possible, and to do it all in the USA.

Put simply, we do not have extra markup in our pricing to accommodate for regular sales, discounts, or coupons.

We do offer a very limited number of discount opportunities for qualified purchasers...

Guide Discounts

We offer a discount for professional big game hunting guides and outfitters. To register for our Guide & Outfitter Program please apply here.

Service Member Discounts

We are proud to offer a discount to all US military (active and veteran), as well as full-time, professional law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs. We also offer a discount for wildlife, conservation, and SAR professionals.

To apply for our discount program, first create an account, then email proof of service/employment to

onX Elite Discount

Additionally, we offer 10% off for Elite Members of onX Hunt. To learn more about this opportunity or access the onX discount for Exo Mtn Gear purchases, visit the Benefits page.