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At Exo Mountain Gear we are extremely passionate about backcountry hunting. Our goal is to build what we think are the best backcountry mountain hunting packs available. We believe that the best designs are not complicated but instead focus on simplicity and efficiency. We design our packs from a lightweight minimalist perspective, while still making functionality a priority. We put just enough pockets on them to keep your gear organized, while not adding too much weight or complexity.

The packs are made right here in Boise, Idaho, which allows us to have a hands-on approach to the design, development, testing manufacturing processes. We also use the highest quality materials available, such as the K794 Alloy in our K2 Frame. Our direct-to-consumer sales model allows us to focus on the product, not on creating profit margins for the “middle man”. In the end, the hunter gets US-made, extremely high-quality pack, that costs much less would be possible if we sold through normal retail channels.

We want our packs to be known for comfort, durability, simplicity and excellent load hauling. As a company, we want to be known for outstanding customer service and an attentive ear to our hear the feedback of our fellow backcountry hunters.

We understand that everyone has different needs and preferences in a pack, and that is is impossible to make everyone happy. Coming from a lightweight backcountry hunting perspective, we developed the following list of design priorities for our products...


First and foremost, a pack has to be durable. As backcountry hunters, we can’t have issues with our gear when we are miles from the road. Every stitch, piece of fabric, zipper, buckle, webbing, and other components of our packs have been chosen and tested for ultimate durability and reliability.


We demand that our pack is comfortable — whether you’re carrying a light load of just the day’s essentials, or a 100+ pounds of meat out of the backcountry. Our revolutionary K2 frame is the critical element that provides excellent performance and comfort.


We strive to keep our pack systems at or under the 5-pound range. Ounces add up when you spend long days covering ground in the mountains, and we want our pack to be the foundation of your lightweight gear loadout.


We hunt to kill, and we kill to bring home meat. As backcountry hunters, we need to be able to get meat packed-out quickly and easily. Our design provides a load shelf to carry your meat instead of having to throw meat in the main bag with the rest of your gear. Our load shelf also keeps the meat secured and placed on the pack frame in a place (up high against your back) for the best balance and weight distribution.


The small things matter. How easy is it to get things in and out of the pack? Can you securely attach your weapon? Does the layout make sense? Are there pockets that provide access to items without removing the pack from your back? Every aspect of our design is made with consideration for function.