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New for 2019 — K3 Frame Extension System

The K3 Spyder Frame features a reversible frame extension system, offering the ability to easily change the frame height by 1.5" in a matter of seconds. A shorter frame offers increased mobility while hiking, glassing, and hunting with lighter loads. A taller frame provides increased performance with heavier loads.

Thanks to the K3 Frame's new reversible extension system, you can harness the advantages of increased mobility with a shorter frame and increased load-performance of a taller frame, as needed.

The Art of the Grind

If you have spent any time on extended hunts — backcountry or not — you have experienced the grind. All of us go through it from time to time; some of us deal with it better than others. Those that can endure it have a chance to fill their tags on the last day. Those that surrender to the grind will never know what could have been.

New for 2019 — Introducing our K794 Frame Material

At Exo Mtn Gear, we strive to use the best materials available in our products. If there is a material available that will increase performance, enhance durability, or help us save weight, we will source it, test it, prove it — and if all goes well, we will use it.

Budget Backpacking Gear For Your Next Hunt

As much as we love new gear, our budgets are limited. If you are a hunter that is looking to get into backcountry, backpack-style hunting, we wanted to discuss how we would shop for backpacking gear and make budget-minded decisions. In this episode, Mark and Steve discuss how they would spend $700-$800 to purchase a shelter, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, backpacking stove, water filtration system, a reliable light source, and footwear for western-style hunting.

Our 2018 “Gear of the Year” Picks

Hunters love gear. Backcountry hunters, even more so. And we, at Exo Mtn Gear, are no exception. We want to highlight some of the gear that we would recommend if you are looking to expand or upgrade your kit. We created three price-point categories and simply picked the gear in that price category that is our favorite, most used, or a recent release that we have been really enjoying.