Free Backcountry Hunting Training Program

The pursuit of backcountry hunting is both physically and mentally demanding. To hunt the backcountry effectively, you must develop the ability to efficiently move yourself through challenging terrain. The duration of this physical endeavor is measured not in minutes or hours, but often in days. For much of the time you will be carrying a pack that, at a bare minimum, contains essential gear, food, and water. It is usually only at the end of many miles of hiking under load that the real physical test begins… Packing heavy loads of game meat back to your starting point.

We have partnered with Atomic Athlete to offer you a training program that will help prepare you for the challenge of backcountry hunting. This program will build both the physical and mental resilience required to hunt at levels that will increase both your chance of success, as well as your enjoyment of the pursuit.

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The guys at Atomic Athlete are not only gym owners and program developers, they are also dedicated backcountry hunters that know what it takes to be successful. They developed this program for the specific and unique physical demands of backcountry hunting. The program lasts 4-7 weeks, depending on the number of days you train each week. The program is also scalable, offering three distinct levels of difficulty to match your training history and current physical condition. These scalable levels also afford you the opportunity to repeat and progress the intensity of the program as your capabilities improve.

"But I hate going to the gym!"

That’s not a problem. This program is specifically designed in a way that allows you to complete all of the training sessions with a minimal amount of equipment. If you don’t belong to or have access to a gym, that’s not a problem. All that you need to complete this program is your hunting pack and some do-it-yourself equipment that we tell you how to assemble in the training program. Oh yeah, one more thing you’ll need — a bunch of determination and grit.

"I love that this program is setup for at home use, and the fact that you guys have integrated a pack into it makes it even better. I’ve dropped over 30 pounds in the past six months and am in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Your program has added to my success. No supplements, no magic pills, no secrets. Just hard work and smarter choices. I know I’m going to have my work cut out for me in September but I think I will be as prepared as I can be. Thanks again for putting this program together and giving it away for free." —Travis M.

I’m in. Send me the program…

Download the entire training program and get exclusive access to videos designed to walk you through each session of the program. It is completely free. There is no catch. We will not sell or share your information. We just want to help you hunt more effectively.

Download the Training Plan