Free Backcountry Food Guide and Meal Plan

There are many things to consider when choosing foods for backcountry hunts. Most often, foods are selected because of how they taste, how convenient they are to find and prepare, and how light or "calorically dense" they are. All of those considerations are valid, but we should also start to ask questions like…

What does my body need? What foods will allow me to perform at my best, day-after-day, on long hunts? What role can nutrition play in allowing me to hunt more effectively?

To answer those questions, we need to understand how food works. We don’t have to become students of nutrition, but we should learn from those that are.

We have partnered with Kyle Kamp, Registered Dietician and owner of Valley-to-Peak Nutrition, to offer a free Backcountry Fuel Guide to help you develop a performance-focused nutrition plan for backcountry hunting.

This free resource will help you understand how food works, determine what your body needs, and then provide the tools to plan an effective nutritional strategy for your next backcountry adventure.

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