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K4 Quick-Release Rifle Carrier

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Unshakable security. Uncompromising freedom of movement. Ultimate access.

The K4 Quick-Release Rifle Carrier keeps your rifle attached securely to your pack, while also enabling rapid access to deploy the rifle while wearing the pack. The rifle remains close to your body, offering optimal weight distribution and ease of access, without any interference or instability. Built-in adjustability allows you to customize the height of the rifle's vertical position.

Compatible with K2, K3, & K4 Pack Systems




K2, K3 & K4 Pack Systems

Rifle Deployment with the K4 Rifle Carrier

Made in the USA

Built in the USA with 500d Cordura fabrics and YKK Buckles

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B. Isles
Quick-release as advertised

Used the rifle carrier and quick-release on my K3 all fall and it kept my rifle securely in place and within reach each day I was in the field. Crossed some rugged terrain at times and I was never worried about its performance. Great product and design.

William Niemeyer
Rifle sling

An excellent product that keeps your rifle securely attached and in the perfect position. Thanks for another great piece of gear.

Cam fleury
Great rifle carrier

Added this to my K4 pack.Very secure and makes the rifle easy to carry.I have had packs fro several manufacturers this is the best setup I have had by far

Tim Ulmen
Finally a great solution.

This rifle carrier is easy to undo but IT IS ACTUALLY SECURE!

I tried several other (brands) options and they all had something that didn’t work well.

This system is super easy to use, keeps your rifle secure, and allows for quick and quiet access.

Not Universal

I have a larger buttstock on my rifle that also has an attached bag that wraps around a cheek riser. In order to use this carrier I have to take all of that off my buttstock and it is still a very tight fit to get it in the carrier. The only time I used it was hiking into and out of camp. On hunts from camp I just carried my rifle as it was too much of a pain to get in and out of the carrier. I also don't like anything sitting down lower than my pack. Just have to be extra careful when taking a heavy pack off and you can't sit down with the pack on. Not sure if I will use in the future or just use the side pocket already on the pack to carry my rifle?? Still looking for that perfect rifle carrier.

Thanks for the feedback, Ryan. We did design this carrier to work with most hunting stocks, fully knowing that there are other stocks (specifically for the MIL/Tactical/Competition rifles) that it may not work as well with. And, yes, we were also aware that some rifle add-ons, such as stock packs, may have compatibility issues. Instead of trying to make it truly universal, our goal was to make it fit the most common types of rifle setups that we see our customers use, and by doing that, we can enhance the security, stability, and performance for those rifles.