2020 Christmas Giveaway

Merry Christmas from Exo Mtn Gear

As a small company building our products in the USA, this year presented many challenges. But thanks to the support of our customers, we are finishing this year with immense gratitude for the opportunity we have to continue building high-quality, American-made products for our fellow hunters.

As a tangible way to thank you for your support, we want to send a free custom decal to everyone that purchased from Exo Mtn Gear in 2020, and also give you an opportunity to win some of the gear that we personally use in the backcountry.

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The Christmas Giveaway has ended. The winners are...

Why we chose these prizes...

Hoyt Archery

Hoyt Archery (https://hoyt.com/) — Several years ago we set out to shoot every new bow we could get our hands on at the ATA Show. We approached every brand with an open mind and chose our favorite bow based on the product itself, and not based on any prior experience or relationship we had with any particular brand. We ordered Hoyt bows shortly thereafter and have continued to shoot them since. While there are a lot of great bows on the market, Hoyt's combination of quality, performance, and innovation, has been something that's kept us coming back and we cannot wait to see what they are going to release as part of their 2021 line-up next month.

Hanwag Boots

Hanwag Boots (https://www.hanwag.com/) — If you have listened to the Hunt Backcountry Podcast, you have likely heard about the numerous boots that Steve and Mark have tried over the past couple of years. While we won't say we have found the perfect boot yet, we will say that we have been extremely impressed with Hanwag's offerings that we tested this fall. Mark took a pair of Hanwag Alverstones out of the box, backpacked 6+ miles, killed a bull, then hiked 6+ miles back to camp with a 90lb+ pack with zero issues from the new boots. And for 4 of those heavy miles, Mark had soaking-wet feet from a water crossing that was several feet deep. We are looking forward to many more miles putting Hanwag boots to the test.

Sig Sauer

SIG Sauer Rangefinder (https://www.sigsauer.com/) — Compared to the rangefinders we had used prior, we found SIG's rangefinders to be faster and more repeatable in their range-finding abilities. With the addition of SIG's BDX technology and the built-in ballistic solver to give both yardage and dial-up (in MOA or MIL) for the specific ballistics of our rifle setups, we have no plans of running another range-finding solution any time soon.

FHF Gear

FHF Bino Harness (https://fhfgear.com/) — We strive to build our Exo Mtn Gear products with simplicity, versatility, and uncompromising quality. The guys at FHF Gear are doing the same thing with their line-up of bino harnesses and accessories. Just like Exo Mtn Gear, FHF Gear was started in the garage of someone that sought to develop a product that met their needs as a hunter and outdoorsmen, and they're continuing to innovate and build their products in the USA. Listen to our podcast with Paul Lewis from FHF Gear.

Spartan Precision

Spartan Precision Bipod (https://javelinbipod.com/) — Before using a Spartan bipod, we didn't like bipods and the added weight and bulk that is introduced when attaching a bipod to your rifle. With Spartan's bipod systems, you can have an ultralight bipod that is easily carried in your pocket or pack, then deployed and attached in a split-second with their proprietary magnetic mounting system. The same mounting system also allows you to shoot your rifle from a tripod with the use of Spartan's Davros tripod head. Listen to our podcast with Rob Gearing, founder of Spartan Precision.

Ivory Holsters

Ivory Holsters (http://ivoryholsters.com/exo) — A made-by-hand custom holster for your specific firearm, which has been purposely designed to be used with an Exo Mtn Gear pack system. That's what you get when you order an EMG Holster from Ivory Holsters. Gabriel over at Ivory Holsters took our ideas for the perfect pack holster and created a holster that eliminated all of the frustrations we had with the holsters we had used before then. Listen to our podcast with Gabriel from Ivory Holsters.

Wiser Precision
S&S Archery

Wiser Precision Quick-StiX (https://www.wiserprecision.com/) and S&S Archery Backcountry CL Trekking Poles (https://sandsarchery.com) — We have used this combination as our shooting rest on several successful hunts. The Quick-StiX add minimal weight to any trekking pole, yet offer a solid shooting rest that is quick to deploy and easy to adjust. Paired with the lightweight, yet durable trekking poles from S&S Archery, you have a package that will help you fill your tag, then fill your pack and haul-out a heavy load after the successful shot.