Selecting A Holster For Your Pack

The Exo Mtn Gear K4 hipbelt offers 4 rows of MOLLE on a 6" x 4" panel on each side,  which can fit a wide variety of holster types and sizes for many pistols. Most holsters that can fit the MOLLE style belt will work with our hipbelt...

That said, most holsters are not designed to work ideally for use on a pack. There are holsters for concealed carry, holsters for recreational shooting, and holsters for competition shooting. After using many of these holsters with our packs, we realized they each have different drawbacks.

A Holster That Is Purpose-Built For Packs

In 2018 we collaborated with custom kydex holster maker, Ivory Holsters, to develop a solution that was built specifically for use with our packs. No matter what generation of Exo pack you have, Ivory Holsters offers a great custom holster with an ideal mounting solution for your pack. 


EMG Holster from Ivory Holsters


The EMG Holster features...

  • A streamlined profile to keep the sidearm close to the belt
  • A pre-curved shaped to match the hipbelt
  • A secure mounting mechanism fitted specifically for our belt
  • A mounting system that allows the holster to easily be attached or removed
  • A fine-tune adjustment to achieve your preferred amount of retention
  • A closed or crowned bottom to keep debris out of the sidearm muzzle
  • A forward cant to allow for an easy grip and draw of the sidearm
  • A high guard to protect the weapon from abrasion

Every EMG Holster is hand built by Gabriel Saindon of Ivory Holsters. Full disclosure: we don't make a dime when you purchase an EMG Holster, but we are proud to recommend them for the many benefits they offer.

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