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Discounted Fusion K3 Bags


We no longer produce this item. View our current line up of packs and pack accessories here...

K4 Packs & Accessories


  • Product photos on this page are an example of the actual bags that will be shipped. Very slight variations in color, not quality, may occur.
  • A K3 Lid is included with 3200, 4800, and 6400 bag purchases. If you want a lid with an 1800 bag, add the K3 Lid and Lid Strap Set to your order.
  • These bags are compatible with the K2 and the K3 Frame.
  • Once these are gone, they're gone for good.

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FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: 1800 | 3200 | 4800 | 6400


Earlier this year we changed from using Fusion stretch material to a Tan stretch material. Our K3 Fusion Packs have been built and shipped with Tan stretch material for many months now. However, we recently discovered that we had some bags in our warehouse that still have Fusion stretch material (as shown above). These are new, non-blemish, 100% quality bags that we are offering at a discount since we are no longer building packs with Fusion stretch material.

NOTE — For those of you that may have been aware of a previous sale on "blemish" Fusion packs, these discounted bags are NOT the blemish bags that we sold previously.

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