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K4 Frame System

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Performance, comfort, and durability.

When it comes to pack systems for backcountry or mountain hunting, performance, comfort, and durability are paramount — and that all starts with the frame. We have spent the past 3+ years reimagining, developing, and testing what is now the all-new K4 Frame.

Total Weight

2lb, 15oz

Load Rating

150+ Pounds

Frame Structure

Custom Carbon Fiber

Made in the USA

Built in the USA with Squadron material, carbon fiber stays, and premium foams...

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Real World Reviews

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Marlon Johnson
The best

All I'm going to say is it the only pack you won't want to take off

Great pack!

Being new to western hunting, stepping up to a K4 pack can be a big jump. But looking at reviews and videos, this pack delivers everything it claims! Its extremely light, durable and comfortable. The custom sizing is spot on too! Great pack, really comfortable when loaded!

hands down best frame for me

if you are on the fence on whether the k4 is worth it over the k3, it was for me. i tried everything to get my k3 to not sage over time when carrying a load. it didnt take much weight and eventually my shoulders were always carrying a pile of weight. the K4 made a world of difference. this frame sits really nice on my body and i dont have near the slip if any at all. this was 100% worth the upgrade for me. if your on the fence, and your cant get your K3 right, id recommend the K4....made a world of difference for me.

First season

I don’t write many reviews - but after a deer and elk season I wanted to share some thoughts on this great frame. First off - it is exceptionally light. I am accustomed to hunting with just a day pack - they don’t have much support but can carry everything for a big day. Often hiking 10+ miles a day, a successful hunt would always lead to some logistical headaches but it was workable. This pack is so light - about the same as my old day pack! - that I don’t stress to wear it on hunts. There is a huge added benefit to this that I have not seen anyone discuss: back support. After long days hiking and a lot of vertical the lumbar support and general rigidity reduce fatigue through the day and keep my posture correct which all but eliminates the dreaded lower back pain. Our elk hunt came up cactus this year but we tagged out in deer. I carried the deer out on the pack in game bags - with rifle in the side holder it scaled out at around 90 lbs. it wasn’t a huge pack out - 2.5 miles and 1200 vertical but it was enough to get the sense for the pack. I have used several frame packs (not big game specific) but this is next level - it just feels like an extension of your body. Clean up with a brush and hose was also very easy. I hope it lasts many years!

Jon Giles
ultra ultra lite

owned all 4 gens now, This is the only one I felt was as comfortable with no load as gen 1. Gen 4 has been best balance to date of no load flexibility and heavy hauling ability.

First run of the new pack was CO sheep season in Aug. Ran the 3600 pack and k4 frame and loved it but thought I could go even lighter for archery elk.

I went with an ultra ultra lite config with lid, meat shelf and one pocket weaved on to meat self. Its crazy how light your pack gets when you cut storage down to spartan level. lid works great for kill kit, jacket and snacks, and pocket works great for med kit, head lamp, etc. If I need to stake out, I just toss my sleep kit and food into game bag and strap into the meat shelf.

Bull pack out was only a mile but pack made short work of it. Amazing how comfortable a hind + shoulder where.