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K4 Locking Buckles

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Secure attachment in every situation.

Standard, non-locking buckles, offer a great balance of security and ease of use. But non-locking buckles can allow webbing to slip when those buckles are positioned at odd angles, such as wrapping over a tripod or secured over a bow's riser. A locking buckle is the answer when you want to ensure that your webbing will never lose tension, regardless of the angle or position of the buckle.

Each K4 Pack System comes with one locking Female buckle and one locking Male buckle — allowing you to install the locking buckle in the specific location you may need it, such as the upper side compression strap to secure a tripod.

We do not include locking buckles by default in all locations of our K4 Packs because they can reduce the speed of adjustments, require more dexterity, add weight, and can make noise in some circumstances.

If you would like to replace all of the non-locking buckles on a K4 Pack System with lockers, you would need 7 sets total. One set ships with every pack system, so if you have that set, you would purchase an additional 6 sets.


1.0oz (per set)


K4 Pack Systems

Made in the USA

Built in the USA from a specialized polymer with exceptional strength.

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