Hunt Backcountry Podcast 016 | "The Most Successful Hunter I Know"

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In this episode, we speak with Russ Meyer. Russ is, as Steve puts it, “the most successful hunter I know.” So we talk to Russ about what it takes to be so successful. How has he found consistent success is 30 years of bowhunting?

Topics address include…
- Physical fitness for hunting performance and longevity as you age.
- The importance (and dangers) of experienced hunters mentoring new hunters.
- The special sentiments of hunting with your children.
- Some of Russ’ keys to hunting success:
- knowing your hunting area intimately
- finding and hunting areas that other hunters won’t pressure
- patience vs aggressiveness
- calling vs stalking
- positive mindset and confidence
- realistic expectations
- capitalizing on encounters and opportunities
- And, conversely, common mistakes that keep hunters from being success
- Russ’ work with Outdoors International


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