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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 387 | Why I Went Guided — Arizona Elk Hunt

After drawing an Arizona elk tag that surprised him, Brent shares why he ultimately decided to hire a guide for the hunt. On this podcast episode, Brent shares what he learned about the experience, how he selected his outfitter, how the hunt went down, and ultimately if he was glad that he decided to go guided.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast MM 163 | K4 Pack System Q&A (Part 1)

After announcing the all-new K4 Pack Systems last week, Steve & Mark answer your questions about K4 Packs in today's Q&A. They discuss what K4 options will be available at Hunt Expo? Is anything from K4 compatible with K2/K3? Why did you make K4 bags larger than K3 bags? is K4 lighter than K3? And much more...

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 386 | All-New K4 Pack Systems — Coming Soon

We can finally talk about it! After 3+ years in development, all-new K4 Pack Systems are launching this Spring. In this conversation, Steve & Mark talk about the origins of K4, what they learned over the past several years of development on K4, and what is to come with K4 Packs this year.

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Hunt Backcountry Podcast 385 | After the Hunt — Elk Season...Is This THE Year?

On this Hunt Backcountry Podcast episode, Justin joins us to conclude our "Before and After the Hunt" series. Justin's fall hunting season involved numerous unexpected surprises, new challenges, and success that he didn't originally plan for.

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