Hunt Backcountry Podcast 065 | Your Show, Your Story — Elk Hunting in Colorado

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On this episode of the Hunt Backcountry podcast we interview Matt Gray. Haven't heard of Matt? That's because he is a regular guy, probably a lot like you. A husband, a father, a hard-worker, and now — en elk hunter. Matt embarked upon his first elk hunt in the fall of 2016 and was able to bring a bull back to his hometown in Texas.

We loved talking with Matt and hearing what lessons he learned, what mistakes he made, what things he did right, and ultimately what helped him beat the odds and tag a bull on his very first elk hunt. We know that many of you are new to backcountry big game hunting. And many of you, like Matt, don't live in the Western states that provide opportunities to scout for and hunt big game near home. But, as Matt's story shows us, it is possible to make your backcountry hunting dreams come true.

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