Hunt Backcountry Podcast 092 | Learn the Language of Elk with Chris Roe

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Sometimes you call at a bull and he comes charging-in, giving you a shot opportunity. Sometimes that happens, but not often enough. Other times our calls go without a response. Or, worse yet, our calls seem to have a negative effect on the elk we are after. Why is that? Do we really sound that bad?

Maybe that answer isn’t in how we sounded, but what we “said” to the elk. Maybe our call meant something we didn’t intend. Think about it, elk don’t make noise for no reason. They are communicating with one another. There has to be a meaning to their vocalizations. The question is — Can we understand this meaning? Can we communicate with purpose?

Our guest on this episode of the #HuntBackcountry podcast is wildlife biologist Chris Roe. Chris is a student and hunter of elk with decades of experience in the field, as well as formal education in animal behavior. Chris helps us understand how to more effectively “speak the language” of elk.

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