Hunt Backcountry Podcast 097 | Your Rifle Questions Answered

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Ryan Cleckner returns to answer your rifle-related questions. This is Ryan's third appearance on the show. His previous two episodes were part of our Building a Backcountry Rifle series from earlier this year. In this episode we get Ryan's answers to your questions from that series, including...

- How to effectively shoot off of your pack.
- What shooting positions should a hunter practice when dry-firing?
- What distance should a hunter zero their rifle for mountain hunting?
- What should a hunter look for in barrel lengths/profiles/weights for a hunting rifle?
- Are premium metal finishes and high-end stocks worth the cost increase for a hunting rifle?
- What are the pro/cons of different bolt-action types, such as push-feed and controlled round feed?
- What should a hunter do when they are sighting-in a rifle in conditions that they know will be vastly different than the conditions or terrain that they will be hunting in with that rifle?


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