Hunt Backcountry Podcast 133 | 2018 Death Hike Recap

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This was the fourth year that Exo Mtn Gear co-founders, Steve Speck and Lenny Nelson, gathered a group of guys to embark upon a challenging hike nicknamed “The Death Hike”. The hike has changed each year — the location, the distance, the terrain, and the participants. This year, thirty-one crazy fools showed-up to hike 90+ miles through some of Idaho’s most beautiful and rugged mountains. In the end, we hiked 92.5 miles and climbed over 21,000 feet in elevation. Some of us took a few detours (got lost) and hiked even more.

None of the past Death Hikes had been easy; but none of them could come close to this year’s distance and total vertical. Of the thirty-one that started, twenty-one completed each and every mile of the hike. Those other ten gents either dropped-out completely or sat-out portions of the hike.

For more information about the hike, including detailed gear and food lists, a What's In My Pack video, and more, visit

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