Hunt Backcountry Podcast 136 | Rookie Gear Mistakes (And a giveaway announcement...)

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In what specific ways do new backcountry hunters tend to carry more gear than they need? Where is the greatest opportunity to simplify and lighten the load?

We see it over and over again. New hunters tend to overpack clothing and other "just in case" items. As Andrew Skurka said on one of our podcast episodes, we tend to "pack our fears". When you are new to backpacking and backcountry hunting, it is natural to think, "Well, this is only a few ounces. And that is only a few ounces. So I should probably just throw them in the bag." Those ounces become pounds, and as the saying goes... pounds become pain.

On this episode we had the opportunity to speak with Chad from Backcountry Rookies ( Chad is going on his first backcountry elk hunt this fall. During the show Mark and Steve go through Chad's gear list, item-by-item, to ask questions and make suggestions that can help Chad lighten his load.

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