Hunt Backcountry Podcast 183 | Expert Roundtable - Mistakes That Made Me Better

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The Expert Roundtable features 6 experienced, knowledgeable, and successful hunters providing their insights on a single question or topic. In this, the third of five episodes with the Roundtable, we discuss Mistakes & Lessons Learned. It isn’t that successful hunters don’t make mistakes, but rather that successful hunters learn from their mistakes and strive to not repeat them. What real-life examples do the members of our roundtable have of mistakes they’ve made and how they’ve become better hunters because of it? Listen in to find out…

The Roundtable consists of Ryan Lampers (@sthealthyhunter), Russ Meyer (@rmeyerarchery), Kody Kellom (@bornandraisedoutdoors), Nathan Jones, Ben Guttormson, and Exo’s own, Steve Speck.

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