Hunt Backcountry Podcast 220 | Laughs & Lessons From an Alaskan Hunting Guide

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We met our guest, Rafe, on Kodiak Island this past fall. Rafe has extensive experience hunting, guiding, and fishing in Alaska for species that include Sitka Blacktail Deer, Kodiak brown bears, mountain goats, and sheep.

In this show, we chat with Rafe about his experience as a guide and what lessons he has learned in the field that can help us as hunters. We cover everything from mindset, to shooting, to gear, and much more. With a tremendous amount of time in the field, Rafe has a lot to share. And he'll also tell you some things he has done that you should never do — such as stealing deer meat away from a brown bear.

If you're interested in our experience hunting and fishing on Kodiak Island, check out episodes 201 and 202 of this podcast. And contact Foxtail Lodge about future opportunities:

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