Hunt Backcountry Podcast 221 | Precision Reloading, Part 2 - All About Brass

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Brass cases are a critical component of a loaded rifle cartridge, and understanding how to properly work with brass cases is a critical aspect of being a safe and successful reloader. In this episode, we discuss what every reloader should know about brass.

We answer the questions...
- "What is the difference between loading with new brass and previously-fired brass?"
- "Is it better to full-length size or 'neck size' brass before loading?"
- "When should I trim, chamfer, and deburr brass cases for loading?"
- "What is the best way to clean brass?"
- And more...

Did you miss Part 1 of our reloading series? Check out Episode 213.

Learn more about how to get started hand loading from RCBS at

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