Hunt Backcountry Podcast 227 | Hunting with Hammers

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Steve Davis of Hammer Bullets joins us to discuss the history, development, and use of Hammer Bullets for hunting. Hammer is a small bullet manufacturer out of Montana. Brian and Steve started Hammer Bullets when they, as hunters, couldn't find the bullet they were looking for on their market.

You'll hear how they started building bullets in their garage, the struggles they went through in testing, and how they ultimately found a unique design that had numerous benefits for hunters and hand-loaders.

Hammer makes all-copper, monolithic bullets. In addition to discussing Hammer bullets specifically, we also talk about the benefit of monolithic bullets and why hunters should consider using them — even if they hunt in states where traditional lead bullets are able to be used.

Learn more about Hammer Bullets at You can also reach out to Hammer directly via or 406-261-0010.

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