Hunt Backcountry Podcast 245 | 5 Favorites — Paul "the Elk Nut" Medel

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Did you know that the Hunt Backcountry Podcast is now more than 5 years old? To celebrate, Steve & Mark have picked 5 of their favorite episodes from the past 5 years and are replaying them this week. Additionally, we are offering 5 prize packs for you — the listeners.

Today's show is a re-cast of Episode #138 with Paul "the Elk Nut" Medel. Paul has been on the show several times, and to be honest, every single time we both enjoy the conversation AND learn a TON. Paul has an unmatched blend of enthusiasm and knowledge, and it is a treat to soak in the knowledge and experience that he has to share about elk behavior, elk vocalizations, and elk hunting.

Learn more from Paul by checking out the Elk Nut app:

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