Hunt Backcountry Podcast 249 | Backcountry Rescue — What happens when you hit SOS?

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The backcountry is big, beautiful...and unforgiving. We shouldn't pursue the backcountry in fear, but we should be prepared for the possibility of difficult, or even dangerous conditions.

If you find yourself in that moment where you or someone you are with needs rescue, what do you do? Hopefully, you have a means of requesting rescue assistance. But what does that really mean? What happens when you request assistance, and how can you best prepare — both now and in the moment — for a backcountry rescue?

We answer those questions with air rescue pilot, Jason Fawson. Jason is not only a backcountry first responder, he has been forced to call for rescue in the backcountry while on a trip.

If you truly "hunt backcountry", you need to tune-in to this episode and learn from Jason's experience.

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