Hunt Backcountry Podcast 269 | Tag Draws, Preference Points, and Hunting Opportunity

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It is the time of year where many of us are starting to apply for tags in various states. Some of us have a tried-and-true strategy that include spreadsheets of our points for each state and species, while others of us are still scratching our heads and trying to figure out how to make our way through each state's confusing maze of rules for tag applications, points, deadlines, and fine-print.

Whether you are a seasoned player in the game of points and draws or a first-time hunter just looking for a place to start, there's something for you in this podcast episode with Jerrod Lile of Huntin Fool.

We can't answer every question on every species and every state in this podcast, but we do discuss a TON of helpful information about different states, their application and point systems, and how to develop an application strategy for YOUR unique hunting goals.

Draw Deadlines:
Draw Cost Calculator:…cost-calculator

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