Hunt Backcountry Podcast 337 | How Rangefinders Work. And Why, Sometimes, They Don't.

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If you've looked at laser rangefinders recently, you've probably been overwhelmed by the options. And, perhaps, confused at the massive difference in prices. Or maybe you have a rangefinder that you don't understand. Sometimes it works great and other times it won't give you a reading no matter how hard you try.

Our guest in this episode is Jake Love from SIG Optics. He shares his insider knowledge with us to explain how rangefinders work. And why, sometimes, they don't work as expected. We discuss the different types of devices, features, settings, applications, and more. We talk through what separates a $200 rangefinder from a $2,000 rangefinder. The differences in handheld rangefinders vs range-finding binoculars. And much more...

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