Hunt Backcountry Podcast 347 | Eat Smarter, Hunt Better. Food as Fuel.

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Your truck won't run with an empty tank. And it also won't run well, or for long, or the wrong type of fuel. The same is true of you.

To perform your best, you need to fuel properly. But what does that mean? With an overwhelming amount of nutrition information on the internet and countless "performance" products being marketed to us, how do you cut through the fluff and get solid nutrition information and recommendations on what really matters?

Kyle Kamp with Valley to Peak Nutrition is the guy we go to for all things nutrition. For years, Kyle has helped us prepare for our annual Death Hikes, our extended backcountry hunts, and even for day-to-day life.

In this episode, Kyle and Mark discuss what's changed in the past several years since they began working together, what changes they have made to the updated (and FREE!) Backcountry Fuel Guide, and more...

FREE Backcountry Fuel Guide

More resources from Kyle and V2P...


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