Hunt Backcountry Podcast 348 | Post Hunt: Father-Son Adventure in Alaska

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As soon as we got this email, we knew we had to hear the whole story...

"My father and I hunted the Brooks Range and had an unforgettable experience. Miles of hiking, steep climbs, wild weather, and being pinned down by sheep. After passing 18 sub-legal rams, I found mine and was able to sneak into 50 yds and harvest him in his bed. My Dad did not let me show him up and took a cranker of a caribou. The best part of the entire trip was that I was able to experience it with my Dad — the one who introduced me to hunting, and has been my main hunting partner since I tagged along with him at 6 years old. He actually won this sheep hunt and gave it to me! What an example of a loving father who wants his children and grandchildren to experience some of the things he has."

Today, we get to hear the whole story from a listener of the podcast, Brian. As you listen to Brian recap the adventure, we know you will be inspired to pursue that adventure you have been dreaming of, and/or take the next step in sharing a memory-making adventure with those you love.


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