Hunt Backcountry Podcast 353 | Reverse-Engineering Success with Garth Jenson

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The difference between notching your tag or going home empty-handed from a hunt is usually determined by a few decisions or important moments. It is often only with hindsight that the outcome of the hunt can be understood by analyzing the decisive moments that led to the outcome — for good, or for bad.

Every episode in this Reverse-Engineering Hunting Success podcast series will feature a conversation with an experienced hunter and dissect a successful hunt, looking back to understand or "reverse engineer" the key decisions or other decisive moments that led to their success.

On the latest episode of our Reverse-Engineering Success series we speak with Garth Jenson about a multi-year quest with a specific buck in Garth's home state of Utah. This story features lessons on bouncing-back from setbacks, balancing patience and aggressiveness, tracking and stalking mule deer, executing good shots with archery equipment, and more...


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