Hunt Backcountry Podcast 410 | Backpack Hunt Breakdown — Mule Deer

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The Backpack Hunt Breakdown is a new series for July of 2023. Each week we will have a new episode in this series, featuring a new guest and a different backpack-style hunt. For each of these conversations, we use the following categories to break down the hunt and understand what led to the eventual success of the hunt...

- PLANNING (the tag and hunt opportunity, scouting for animals/country/access, specific gear choices, etc)
- MANAGING (your time and energy, when to stay or move, using terrain to your advantage, etc)
- LIVING (water, food, clothing, shelter, comfort, and survivability in the backcountry)
- HUNTING (locating the game, the stalk/approach, the shot opportunity, post-shot tracking, etc)
- PACKING (pack out strategy and capabilities, meat care, etc)

For this week's episode, our friend Dioni Amuchastegui joins us to share a story from one of his most challenging and rewarding mule deer hunts. Dioni is no stranger to big bucks or difficult hunts, but this hunt paired those things together in an adventure that is full of lessons for us to learn from as we breakdown this backpack hunt.


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