Hunt Backcountry Podcast 412 | Backpack Hunt Breakdown — Goat, Bear, & Caribou

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The Backpack Hunt Breakdown is a new series for July of 2023. Each week we will have a new episode in this series, featuring a new guest and a different backpack-style hunt. For each of these conversations, we use the following categories to break down the hunt and understand what led to the eventual success of the hunt...

- PLANNING (the tag and hunt opportunity, scouting for animals/country/access, specific gear choices, etc)
- MANAGING (your time and energy, when to stay or move, using terrain to your advantage, etc)
- LIVING (water, food, clothing, shelter, comfort, and survivability in the backcountry)
- HUNTING (locating the game, the stalk/approach, the shot opportunity, post-shot tracking, etc)
- PACKING (pack out strategy and capabilities, meat care, etc)

For this week's episode, we are joined by Scott Reidy from British Columbia. Scott and a good friend did a fly-in, backpack-style hunt with a handful of tags that they could fill. And fill tags is what they did. On this hunt, they successfully harvested two caribou, a mountain goat, and a grizzly bear. All of this success required a lot of hard work — especially after the tags were filled. Tune-in to hear how they managed it all.


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