Hunt Backcountry Podcast 416 | Backcountry First Aid — Knowledge, Skills, and Supplies

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Living in the backcountry can be dangerous — especially for hunters. In addition to hiking in treacherous terrain and encountering difficult weather conditions, backcountry hunters deal with the potential of unintended harm from firearms, broadheads, knives, and more.

As an emergency room physician, trainer of specialized military medics, and a backcountry hunter himself, Dr. Jesse Mix has the education, training, and first-hand experience to help backcountry hunters prepare for the medical-related risks associated with pursuing wild game in wild places.

He joins us on this podcast to help equip you with some of the knowledge, skills, and supplies you need to be prepared for the assessment and treatment of medical-related incidents in the backcountry.

Resources & Reference Guide for this episode:

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