Hunt Backcountry Podcast 440 | Arizona Game & Fish (Your Questions, Misconceptions, and More...)

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If you are interested in hunting big game in Arizona in 2024, or beyond, this episode is for you. We speak directly with the Arizona Game & Fish Department to understand how to hunt in Arizona, and also answer your listener-submitted questions about their point system, that status of their deer herd, how they set quotas and use adaptive management strategies, and more.

Resources for this episode...
- Arizona Game & Fish Department:
- How The Draw Works:…nus-point-process/
- Hunt Guidelines & Recommendations:…uidelines-process/
- Mule Deer Working Group:…-deer-working-group/
- Understanding Mule Deer and Antler Point Restrictions:…-point-restrictions/
- Managing Hunting for Opportunity or Mature Bucks:…ity-or-mature-bucks/

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