Hunt Backcountry Podcast FF 04 | Jake's 5 Questions with Jeff Bloomquist

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On this Final Friday episode, Jake sits down with Jeff Bloomquist. Jeff has been on the Hunt Backcountry Podcast a couple of times before and is a long-time friend of Exo. Jeff has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bowhunting elk and has a lot of information to share on how to be successful and how he got to that point of success.

Amongst some off-topic conversations, here are the questions Jake asked Jeff...
- 1) How did you get out and hunt as much as you could when you were in your 20's? And now?
- 2) How do you manage your time when you are hunting? Now and then?
- 3) Did you do much training when you were younger? Has that changed over time?
- 4) Being a successful hunter, what would you say your biggest weakness is while out hunting?
- 5) What is one piece of advice you could give listeners (younger/older) who are looking to increase success?

Resources mentioned in the episode...
- Expert Roundtable Series (Episodes 295-299)
- Reverse Engineering with Jeff Bloomquist (Episode 352)

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