Hunt Backcountry Podcast MM 108 | Elk Packers, Pulleys, Rifle Slings, Playing the Wind

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On this Monday Minute episode, Mark & Steve answer listener questions that include...

- How far away can elk "wind" you?
- How to find and hire a packer to get your meat out of the backcountry?
- What is a good pulley system to use for processing and hanging meat on solo hunts?
- Should you use a rifle sling, and if so, how do you select the best one?
- Do we have any experience with Intermittent Fasting, and do we feel it is a benefit to hunting?

Resources mentioned in this show...
- Exo Insider:
- The First Shot Counts (Bowhunting Practice Done Right):
- Pack-a-Pull Backcountry Pulley System:
- DIY Block and Tackle Setup:
- Figure 9 Carabiners:
- Rifle Sling:
- Podcast with Nick Sabo:
- Rifle Elk Hunt Recap Podcast:
- Zero App for Fasting:

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