Hunt Backcountry Podcast MM 122 | Why Exo Doesn't ________.

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Will Exo ever make hunting clothing? How come Exo doesn't offer a bino harness? Does Exo have plans to make a pack rain cover? Can you make a hipbelt-mounted Nalgene holder for my Exo pack? Will Exo make a pack for whitetail hunting in the future?

These are common questions. And we love that people want to see more from Exo Mtn Gear. That said, the answer to many of these questions is, "no." That answer often surprises people. After all...

Shouldn't Exo want to sell more products?

In this episode, Steve & Mark talk about Exo's business model, why they're focused on staying small, and what products you can expect from them in the future.

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We answer YOUR questions on hunting tactics and strategies, gear, Exo's company and products, or anything else related to backcountry hunting. Leave us a message with your question for a future Monday Minute (Q&A) episode...

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