Hunt Backcountry Podcast MM 137 | Weighted Pack Training, Spring Ticks, Spotting Bears

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On this Monday Minute episode, Steve & Mark answer listener questions on weighted pack training, dealing with ticks on spring hunts, how to spot more bears, why mechanical broadheads may not penetrate, and more...

Resources mentioned in this episode...
- Corner Crossing Ruling:…guilty-of-trespass/
- Compressing an Exo Pack:
- Free Training Plan Info: and the plan PDF:
- Permethrin Clothing Spray:
- Bear Hunting Tactics Podcast:

Ask A Question...

We answer YOUR questions on hunting tactics and strategies, gear, Exo's company and products, or anything else related to backcountry hunting. Leave us a message with your question for a future Monday Minute (Q&A) episode...

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