Hunt Backcountry Podcast MM 226 | Following Up on Footwear, Form's Podcast, and More...

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Steve and Mark answer your listener questions on this Monday Minute episode. The answer to why Exo will not be starting a boot company, if they plan to try barefoot-style boots, their thoughts on Schnee boots, how to select the best length for a rifle barrel, how much ammo to pack on a backcountry hunt, and much more...

Resources mentioned in this episode...
- Our Footwear Video & Podcast:…t-is-wrong/
- Schnee Timberline:
- Hanwag Alverstone:…tone-ii-wide-gtx/
- Vivo Barefoot Boots:…-esc-mens-aw22
- Small Caliber Discussions with Form:…ing-part-1/
- Form Discusses Barefoot Boots:

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