Size Selection and Fitting Instructions


The information below is for our K3 Pack Systems. For information on our all-new K4 Pack Systems, visit K4 Size Selection and K4 Fitting & Adjustment.

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How do I know if a K3 Pack will fit me?

Our K3 Frame is offered in Short and Tall height options, as well as three hip belt sizes. These size-specific aspects of the frame, combined with the built-in adjustment of the shoulder harness, provide excellent fit for a variety of body shapes and sizes.

Every pack purchase is backed by our 30 Day No-Risk Trial, to ensure that you have the opportunity to receive the pack, verify the comfort and performance, and ensure that it will work for your needs.

Review the sizing and fitting information below and Contact Us if you have any additional questions.

Do I need a Short or Tall K3 Frame?

Our K3 Frame is offered in Short and Tall sizes. The Short frame will adjust from 24-25.5" and the Tall frame will adjust from 25-26.5". Each frame is adjusted in height using our reversible frame extension system.


Frame Height Chart

For those of you that land in the "gray area" on the frame height selection chart above, there is no right or wrong answer and you can choose either the Short or Tall frame height option. Our general recommendation for anyone in the gray area is typically to go with the Short frame. That frame will offer great freedom of movement and mobility while hunting, then you can use the built-in frame extensions for ideal performance when the pack is loaded heavy. You can choose the Tall frame if you frequently use the pack for heavy loads, and/or if you want to "set it and forget it" and not need to use the frame extensions.

If you are familiar with your torso length measurement, select the Short frame for 15-17” torsos and the Tall frame for torsos measuring over 18”. If you fall between 17-18” torso, you are in the "gray area" and can choose either frame option, as described above.

If you are in the 5' to 5' 5" height range, we also offer an EXS ("Extra Short") Pack System for women, youth, and shorter-statured men.


What size K3 Hipbelt should I choose?

Hipbelt Size Chart

According to pants size, our waist belt sizes are Small for 29-33”, Medium for 33-36” and Large for 37” and up.

As you can see, there is overlap at the 33". To best determine between Small and Medium, we'd recommend taking a soft measuring tape or piece of string measuring around your hips. You want to measure around your iliac crest (the point of your hipbones), which is where our pack hip belt should sit on you. When measuring, pull the tape/string snug, but not overly tight. If you measure 34" or above, select a Medium; anything under 34", select a Small.

Do not "size up" to account for clothing layers that you will be wearing with the pack. If you have any other questions about selecting the right size, please contact us.


How do I adjust the pack and frame for best fit?

Video: K3 Frame Fitting & Adjustment

The Fitting Process

Before you begin to fit your pack, please make sure that you are not wearing a thick leather belt, or any other items that you wouldn’t wear while hiking or hunting with the pack in normal conditions.

Additionally, it is important to step through the fitting process with a load of 20-30lbs in the pack. You’ll also want a mirror handy, so that you can see how the pack is fitting you once it is in place.

Once you have some weight in the pack, loosen the adjustment straps (hipbelt, shoulder straps, sternum strap, and load lifters) and put the pack on your back. Now you’re ready to begin testing the fit…

  • Center the hipbelt on your Iliac Crest — the center stitch line of belt should be roughly at the top of your Iliac Crest. Secure the buckle and snug up the belt. Do not be afraid to get the belt tight, which allows the majority of the weight to be carried on your hips and not on the shoulders.
  • Vertically align sternum strap over sternum, secure the buckle, and gently snug it into place, setting the shoulder straps at a comfortable width
  • Begin to tighten the shoulder straps until you start to feel the pack pull into your body
  • Snug-up the load lifter straps, removing slack but not pulling past taught
  • Standing tall and straight, evaluate the amount of gap between the shoulder straps and the top of your shoulders toward the rear. You should be able to slide your index and middle fingers between your shoulders and the strap, but should not be able to fit your hand in the gap
  • If necessary, remove the pack and adjust the torso length to achieve the desired gaps. If the pack was riding too high and the shoulder gap was too large, bring the harness down; and vice versa.
  • When adjusting the shoulder harness to make torso length adjustments, be sure to re-loosen all straps and repeat the process from the beginning to test the fit of the new setting

Those are the important steps in making sure that the pack is properly fitted to your body. As you continue to wear the pack and gain experience carrying different loads, you can continue to fine-tune the adjustments to achieve maximum comfort for your body’s shape.