How-To Videos for K3 Pack Systems

NOTE — The videos on this page are specifically for K3 Pack Systems. There is a separate page for K4 Pack System How-To Videos.

Fitting & Adjustment

How To: Fit & Adjust the K3 Frame for Optimal Comfort and Performance

How To: Micro-Adjust the K3 Hipbelt

How To: Adjust K3 Frame Height in the Field

How To: Adjust the Lumbar on the K3 Frame

For more information on selecting the proper size pack, see Size Selection & Fitting Instructions. To see "before and after" examples of pack adjustment with real customers, see Pack Fitting Gone Wrong.

Loading Gear, Meat, & More

How To: Access the Integrated Load Shelf on K3 Pack Systems

How To: Load Quarters & Boned-Out Meat on the K3 Frame

How To: Load a Cape and Horns

How To: Load Your Pack with Meat and Horns

How To: Load Your Pack for Backpack Hunting

For more information on properly loading your pack with your gear before your next hunt, see this article on backpack hunting. That article will discuss the proper way to load your gear to achieve optimal Weight Distribution, Accessability, Protection, and Consistency.

Tips & Tricks

How To: Compress the K3 4800 for Day Hunting

How To: Compress the K3 4800 for Day Hunting

How To: Breakdown, Cleaning, & Assembly of a K3 Pack System

How To: Carry and Access a Bugle Tube While Elk Hunting

How To: Spotting Scope Storage & Access

How To: Use a K3 Pack without a Lid

How To: Add a K3 Lid to the K3 1800 Bag

How To: Install a Pistol Holster on the K3 Hipbelt

Using A Rifle

4 Ways to Carry a Rifle on Your Pack

How To: Quickly Access Your Rifle

Rifle Shooting Positions with Your Pack & Trekking Poles

K3 & K2 Compatability

How To: Install a K2 Bag on a K3 Frame

How To: Install a K3 Bag on a K2 Frame

How To: Install a K3 Hipbelt on a K2 Frame