$10K Gear Giveaway

$10,000 Gear Giveaway


To highlight and support small, independent businesses in the outdoor industry and reward you with an opportunity to win some great prizes.

In recent years, we have seen corporations and investment firms purchasing small companies, which we view as a troubling pattern. They create conglomerates or "portfolios" of brands, do what they can to increase profits for a handful of years, and then sell them to the next buyer. 

A huge advantage to independent companies is that they are responsible only to their customers, and not to investors or parent corporations that dictate the bottom line. That enables independent companies to remain focused on quality, innovation, and customer service.

With this giveaway campaign, we want to highlight brands that are purposely and proudly independent. The brands that we asked to join us in this giveaway are brands that we personally use. These companies have exceptional products, great customer service, and quality people behind the scenes. 

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Hoyt VTM Bows for 2023

Founded by Earl Hoyt Sr. in 1931, the Hoyt family has been responsible for innovation in the archery world for over 90 years. As they look to the future, Hoyt remains 100% committed to building the most innovative and technically advanced equipment for the most serious archers and bowhunters across the globe.

"In the past 20 years as a bowhunter, I have shot Hoyt bows more than any other brand. Although I have tried a lot of bows, Hoyt keeps winning me over. I never have to doubt if my Hoyt will perform in the field — it's just up to me to make the shot when the time comes. As one of the leaders in the archery world, they have also done an amazing job at keeping that small company feel to them." — Steve Speck, Exo Mtn Gear

Hoyt Giveaway — All-new VTM Series bow for 2023. Winner can choose either the VTM 31 or the VTM 34. A value of more than $1,350.

2023 Hoyt VTM Hunting Bows

XLR Element 4.0 Hunting Rifle Chassis

Founded in 2010, XLR is a US-based manufacturer of world-class rifle chassis, components, and accessories. All XLR chassis systems are manufactured in the U.S.A. and are machined from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum.

"Having now used the XLR Element 4.0 lightweight folding rifle chassis, I can't imagine going back to using a traditional fixed stock for backcountry hunting. My XLR chassis adjusts to offer a more comfortable shooting position, folds to keep a low profile when my rifle is attached to my pack, and has proven to be extremely durable when hunting in rugged mountains." — Mark Huelsing, Exo Mtn Gear (Mark's Rifle Build)

XLR Giveaway — Element 4.0 Chassis with Carbon grip, Carbon buttstock, and folding buttstock adapter. A value of more than $1,350.

XLR Element 4.0 Rifle Chassis

Canis Hunting Apparel

"Canis is a newcomer into the high-end hunting apparel market. I was able to test their Alps Down Jacket and Nunavut Rain Gear on an Alaskan Dall Sheep hunt this year and was extremely impressed by the gear's performance. It kept me warm and dry through some extremely wet weather. As a small company with some very talented people behind the scenes, I am excited about their future and the products they will bring to market." —Steve Speck, Exo Mtn Gear

Canis Giveaway — Alps Hooded Down Jacket & Nunavat Rain Jacket and Pants. A value of more than $1,100.

Canis Technical Hunting Apparel

Thunderbeast Ultra Precision Rifle Suppressors

Located in Wyoming, Thunderbeast was founded with one simple goal: to make the best sound suppressor for precision and long-range shooting. Our suppressor designs are optimized for accuracy, light weight, and durability while maintaining best-in-class sound suppression levels.

"Hunting with a suppressor has numerous benefits and has truly allowed me to hunt more effectively. With the cost and logistics required to purchase a suppressor, I wanted to make sure I chose the right suppressor the first time. After months of research, I settled on a Thunderbeast Ultra suppressor and it has proven to be quiet, accurate, reliable, and repeatable." — Mark Huelsing, Exo Mtn Gear

Thunderbeast Giveaway — Ultra Suppressor. Specific model selected by the winner. A value of more than $1,050.

Thunderbeast Suppressors

Exo Mtn Gear

Dedicated to building the best pack systems for backcountry and mountain hunting, offering the best service possible, and doing it all in the USA. We believe that the perfect pack system is comfortable, durable, versatile, and simple. Those attributes influence every decision we make when designing our products. The winner of the Exo Mtn Gear prize package will receive a K3 4800 Pack System. A value of $650.

Exo Pack Systems

Argali Outdoors

Argali designed their Absaroka 4P shelter as a lightweight, spacious, 4 person tent designed for backcountry hunting. Built with dual doors, a removeable stove jack, and a tall pitch height to optimize wind sheer and snow shedding, the Absaroka is built for 4 season use and is a spacious 4 person tent for riding out storms or 2 person mansion with a stove. The winner of the Argali Outdoors prize package will receive the Absaroka 4P with the Carbon Fiber center pole. A value of more than $465.

Argali Lightweight Tents

Sterling Precision

Located in Farmington, MO, Sterling Precision is a custom rifle builder, precision rifle component manufacturer, and full-service gunsmithing shop, which Mark from Exo personally uses for his rifles. For this giveaway, Sterling is offering their new "Titan" self-timing muzzle break. The winner of the Sterling Precision prize package will also receive a $250 credit towards any rifle build or rifle and gunsmith services. A value of more than $400.

Sterling Precision


As an engineer and hunter from the rugged mountains of New Zealand, Matt founded MTNGear to develop and create specialized products to meet his own needs in mountain hunting. Matt set out to develop the highest quality, lightest and most functional bipods for mountain and backcountry hunting with the MTNGear Bipod. The winner of the MTNGear prize package will receive a bipod model of their choice. A value of more than $350.

MTNGear Bipod

Work Sharp Sharpeners

Work Sharp has been creating sharpening tools since 1973. In 2012, Matthew Bernard became the fourth generation family owner of the company. All of us here at Exo have used Work Sharp sharpeners to keep our hunting knives shaving-sharp. There will be two winners of the Work Sharp prize package — each winner receiving the Precision Adjust Elite Kit and a Guided Field Sharpener. A value of $350.

Work Sharp Sharpeners

Spot Hogg

Spot Hogg Sights are well known for their precise adjustment and almost overbuilt durability — attributes that are required for the backcountry bowhunter. Exo's owner, Steve Speck, has been using Spot Hogg sights and selling them through S&S Archery for many years now. The winner of the Spot Hogg prize package will receive a bow sight model of their choice. A value of $350 or more.

Spot Hogg Bow Sights

Wiser Precision

Shane Wise started Wiser Precision to solve problems that he faced as a shooter and hunter. The NightHawk Ultralight Pan Head has become our go-to head for backpack hunting adventures, as we use this head for glassing with binos, a spotting scope, and even to shoot our rifles from. (And we never hunt without our Wiser Quick-StiX!) The winner of the Wiser Precision prize package will receive a NightHawk Ultralight Pan Head. A value of $300.

Wiser Precision Nighthawk

Katabatic Gear

Aaron Martray founded Katabatic Gear after designing a sleeping quilt that overcame the shortcomings of other quilts he had used. And all of us at Exo couldn't be happier with our Katabatic quilts. Now, Katabatic have brought that same focus on warmth, quality, and performance to their new line of down jackets. The winner of the Katabatic Gear prize package will receive a down jacket of their choice. A value of $300.

Katabatic Gear Jackets

Chris Reeve Knives

Chris Reeve is a famous name in the knife world. Today Chris Reeve Knives is run by Chris' son, Tim. They happen to be our neighbors, located across the street from the Exo Mtn Gear HQ. We collaborated with Tim to create a limited-run of Exo Mtn Gear branded knives, based on the Inyoni knife design. The winner of the Chris Reeve Knives prize package will receive one of these limited-edition knives. A value of $275.

Chris Reeve "Inyoni" Knife

Born & Raised Call Co

Handmade, carefully-tuned elk calls from expert elk hunters. Born & Raised Outdoors launched their call company after spending decades perfecting their calling technique and preferred call performance. The Born & Raised Call Company prize package will include every elk call in their line, including The Bomb bugle tube, their Two-Tone and Sound Bite external calls, and the entire collection of diaphragm reed calls. A value of more than $225.

Born & Raised Elk Calls

Huntin Fool

The Huntin' Fool team loves high adventure hunts, and they know how important the time and money spent on hunts is. If you are like us at Exo and yearn to explore new places, summit new mountains, be awestruck by the beauty of nature, you will appreciate how Huntin' Fool can help you make those dreams a reality. There will be two recipients of the Huntin' Fool prize package — one winner will receive an All-Access Membership and the other winner will receive a Hunt Planner Membership. A value of $190.

Huntin' Fool Memberships

Timney Trigger

Established in 1946 by Allen Timney, Timney Triggers was founded on the need for easy-to-install aftermarket triggers that drastically improved factory rifles. Through decades of engineering and investment in their in-house manufacturing, Timney is now producing more than 170 models of triggers for bolt-action rifles, shotguns, AR rifles and semi-automatic rifles. The winner of the Timney Triggers prize package will receive a hunting trigger of their choice. A value of more than $150.

Timney Hunting Triggers

Hamskea Archery

Hamskea is a company for archers by archers. Owners Andrew Munsell and Shawn Greathouse are passionate tournament archers and die-hard bowhunters. In their constant drive to be better archers and bowhunters, they started Hamskea to design, develop, and manufacture products to maximize their own accuracy. The winner of the Hamskea prize package will receive a Primer Arrow Rest. A value of $145.

Hamskea Archery Rests

Hammer Bullets

Hammer Bullets was founded by two hunters, Brian and Steve, to design, develop, and produce bullets that would provide them with a better hunting experience. Their all copper bullets are custom turned on a CNC lathe, weighed, and micrometer measured. At Exo, we have found their bullets to be extremely easy to load, accurate down range, and deadly on game. The winner of the Hammer Bullets prize will receive a $150 gift card.

Hammer Bullets

Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision was founded in 2012 to build better rifle components at a better price. All Hawkins Precision products are made in Colorado Springs, Colorado by highly experienced machinists who are also competitive shooters and hunting enthusiasts. The winner of the Hawkins Precision prize package will receive a set of scope rings of their choice. A value of more than $130.

Hawkins Precision Rings

Aziak Equipment

Born and raised in the great state of Alaska, Rydell is a life-long outdoorsman and hunter. After years of making modifications to his own gear, he decided to start Aziak Equipment with a simple mission of making specific products that are light, functional, and durable. The winner of the Aziak prize package will receive a Bino Clamp, Garmin Mount, and CF Tripod Head Handle. A value of more than $100.

Aziak Equipment

Heather's Choice

At Heather’s Choice, we make lightweight, packable meals and snacks that you can take with you anywhere in the world. Made with wholesome, quality ingredients, our products will leave you feeling energized, satiated, and ready for what’s over the horizon. The Winner of the Heather's Choice prize package will receive a Heather's Choice Sampler. A value $100.

Heather's Choice

Ivory Holsters

In 2013, Gabriel started building holsters in his basement with a $2 toaster oven that he bought at a thrift store. What started as a side-hustle to pay for hunting tags and gear became a full-time business with high-end equipment and tooling to build exceptional custom holsters. The winner of the Ivory Holsters prize package will receive an EMG Pack Holster. A value of $85.

Ivory Holsters

Congratulations to the winners!

This giveaway had ended. The winners are...

  • Hoyt VTM Bow — Casey G.
  • Canis Hunting Apparel — Randy S.
  • XLR Rifle Chassis — Damon J.
  • Thunderbeast Suppressor — Jereld B.
  • Exo Mtn Gear Pack System — James B.
  • Argali Absaroka 4P Tent — Clinton S.
  • Sterling Precision Gunsmithing & "Titan" Muzzle Break — Robert D.
  • MTNGear Bipod — John B.
  • Work Sharp Elite Sharpening Kits — Patrick P. & Max from TX
  • Spot Hogg Bow Sight — Christian G.
  • Wiser Precision "Nighthawk" Pan Head — Manuel P.
  • Katabatic Gear Down Jacket — Sonia C.
  • Chris Reeve "Inyoni" Knife — Cody R.
  • Born & Raised Call Company Package — Earl K.
  • Huntin' Fool All Access Membership — Glen B.
  • Huntin' Fool Hunt Planner Membership — Cole H.
  • Timney Hunting Trigger — Nathan P.
  • Hamskea Primer Arrow Rest — Taylor from CO
  • Hammer Bullets $150 Gift Card — Matt R.
  • Hawkins Precision Scope Rings — Ean from OK
  • Aziak Equipment Gear Package — Andy C.
  • Heather's Choice Sampler Pack — Kurt S.
  • Ivory Holsters "EMG" Pack Holster — Bryan from UT

Details, Terms & Conditions

Entries until December 23, 2022. The winner will be selected at random and notified via email no later than December 31, 2022. By entering, you consent to share your email address with all brands participating. The information you provide with your entry will not be abused, shared, sold, or used in any other way.

No purchase is necessary to enter. No purchase will improve the chances of winning. This promotion is open to all legal residents of the 50 United States, D.C., and Canada who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry. This promotion shall only be construed and evaluated according to applicable state and federal law. Participants must understand and abide by their local regulations. The winner of a prize may be ineligible to receive that prize based on local regulations; in such a case, no substitute prize will be provided. The odds of winning depend on the number and quality of eligible entries received during the promotion. Any offer associated with this promotion is void where prohibited.