Hunt Backcountry Podcast 012 | Everything Elk with Corey Jacobsen of

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Corey Jacobsen is an 8-time World Champion elk call, a magazine publisher and editor, and the founder of More importantly, Corey is a down to earth, passionate elk hunter that loves to share his passion and knowledge with other elk hunters.

In this show, we talk to Corey about a wide range of topics about elk hunting. Including…

- After 30+ years of elk hunting, does he still learn from each hunt? And what lessons is hear learning now?
- How does elk hunting change after September and what are some tips for pursuing post-September bulls?
- How to get youth involved in elk hunting.
- Why the bonus point system (for tag procurement) isn’t as helpful as most people think it is.
- What the future looks like for Extreme Elk Magazine (now merged with Elk Hunter Magazine) and
- The controversial, yet effective, “frontal shot” on elk.
- And more!

If you’re an elk hunter, you’ll no doubt love this episode with Corey!


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