Hunt Backcountry Podcast 084 | Fix Your Food with Heather Kelly

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Heather Kelly, owner of Heather’s Choice adventure meals, returns to the Hunt Backcountry podcast to answer an array of questions about nutrition and performance.

As a trained nutritionist, experienced athlete, and backcountry adventurer, Heather is uniquely equipped to discuss specific nutrition aspects of our pursuit — backcountry hunting. Making food choices for a hunting trip, however, is one thing; having a proper diet for the other 300+ days a year is even more important.

In this episode, we answer questions such as: What are the easiest diet changes that provide the highest benefit? Are carbs evil? Where do most people go wrong when it comes to backcountry nutrition? What supplements, if any, should one be taking? And much, much more. We also discuss some of the specific meals that Heather offers in the Heather’s Choice lineup.

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