Hunt Backcountry Podcast 085 | Recapping the 2017 Exo Death Hike

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The 2017 Exo Death Hike was a success! Twenty guys completed just shy of 40 miles through some beautiful Idaho high country. Although the terrain was rough, the trail was good for much of the hike, which meant that this year’s hike wasn’t as torturous as last year’s. It was far from a “walk in the park” though, and every man had plenty of opportunity to test his physical and mental strength.

In this #HuntBackcountry episode, Mark and Steve are joined by fellow Death Hiker and backcountry hunter, Tyler Boschma. The three of them recap the hike, detailing what worked well and what could have gone better. They then dive into some of Tyler’s adventurous hunting stories and dissect some of his future hunting opportunities.

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